Gratitude Garden Farm

Who We Are

Welcome to our certified organic farm, spanning five lush acres, where we specialize in cultivating medicinal mushrooms, fruits, and vegetables with a singular mission. At the heart of our operation lies a deep-seated passion for creating medicinal solutions derived from our carefully nurtured crops, aimed at aiding those facing various health challenges.

Our presence extends far beyond our farm’s boundaries as you can find us at local farmers’ markets every weekend throughout the picturesque expanse of Palm Beach County. We take pride in supplying premium gourmet mushrooms at wholesale prices to restaurants across South Florida, enriching culinary experiences with our bountiful harvest.

What We Do

As advocates of holistic well-being, we go beyond farming. Our farm hosts educational glamping retreats, drawing participants from all corners of the globe. Here, we share our expertise in cultivating mushrooms and microgreens, offering insights into healthier supplements and techniques that have flourished on our farm. It’s an immersive journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

Additionally, we curate exceptional plant-based dining experiences right here on our farm, featuring the culinary artistry of top chefs from South Florida. These intimate 5-6 course meals showcase the exquisite use of our farm’s products and the remarkable potential of mushrooms, creating memorable, healthy, and flavorful culinary moments. Explore our website to delve deeper into our farm’s story and the array of products and experiences we offer to enhance your well-being.

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